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Welcome to incomparable product quality, space saving design, rugged construction, craftsmanship and years of durable service.

Permanent Bonding for Durability

Plymold laminated plastic seats are faced with high pressure decorative plastic laminate in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Seat backs are finished with a phenolic resin backing sheet or optional decorative color selections. Both are fused to a multi-layer wood fiber core to create an exceptionally strong, rigid curved profile. Wood fiber seats edges are rounded, stained and treated with a mar-resistant clear finish.

Contour Molding for Customer Comfort

Plymold laminated plastic seats are scientifically designed to make customers, students and employees comfortable. The Plymold seat shape is body-contoured to give full leg and back support. Since the seated knee level is higher than the seated hip level laminated plastic booth seat passengers enjoy a true feeling of restful comfort.

Strong Materials for Customer-Proofing

Plymold Seating can take it! Laminated plastic and cafeteria cluster seating unit components are all strength tested and engineered to eliminate untimely failure and replacement.

Fast, Easy Cleaning Designs

Performance proven surface finishes and away-from-the-floor modular arrangements make floors more readily accessible for mechanical floor cleaners and polishers. Your maintenance staff can get the clean-up job done faster and easier.


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